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Cheryl to appear on Jonathan Ross
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Jonathan Ross has lined up Cheryl to appear on his chatshow on March 12- according to reports.
Yesterday the singer announced she has separated from husband Ashley Cole after weeks of allegations that he has cheated with up to five women.

Now it seems the Girls Aloud singer may be ready to reveal all on primetime TV.

It’s thought she was booked for the show before the recent scandals about her love life.

Cheryl will also be keen to promote her music, including new single Parachute. However, she has been candid in the past with host Ross.

Back in 2008 she showed off her wedding ring to him after a first round of cheating revelations and joked: “I was tempted to put it [the ring] back on – in his head!”

Cole also told him: “There’s no such thing as a private life in this industry. I spoke openly about my marriage in the past and it’s come back to hit me in the face…I learnt from the past that you shouldn’t do that.”

Can’t wait to see what Chezza has to say, hopefully it will be a lighthearted interview and not too serious as Jonathan Ross isn’t exactly Dianne Swayer!

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