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Cheryl returns to work
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Broken-hearted Cheryl Cole put on a brave face yesterday as she returned to work for the first time since splitting from cheating husband Ashley.

The devastated Girls Aloud star spent nine hours filming a new TV shampoo ad.

Looking weary, the singer was picked up from her Surrey mansion at 7.35am and taken in a chauffeur-driven silver Mercedes to North London’s Spring Studios.

Cheryl, 26, kept it together at the shoot for beauty product firm L’Oreal while the cast and crew were ordered not to mention Ashley, 29, or to ask her for autographs.

An onlooker said: “She looked tired and drawn but determined to put her work face on and to give a good performance.

Ever the professional, she didn’t break down or cry.

She was friendly and just knuckled down.

“She said she realised she couldn’t keep cancelling work commitments and needed to get back to business.

“Working keeps her mind off her turbulent private life. She’s going to wash Ashley right
out of her hair.

“Cheryl did a fantastic job and the shoot went brilliantly. You would never know she
had just left her cheating husband.”

The campaign, part of her £500,000 12-month contract with the French beauty label, will be aired this spring.

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