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Sharon Osbourne: Cheryl is ‘blessed with talent and beauty...
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Former X factor judge Sharon Osbourne has voiced her support for the recently separated Cheryl Cole claiming that the Girls Aloud singer has “got it all”.

Osbourne famously backed Cole for her current X Factor role and the pair came face to face at a Lady GaGa concert earlier this week, where they shared a private box at the O2 arena.

“She looked divine, not distressed. She was really, really OK. Look, she can’t be doing that badly if she’s out there enjoying herself. Absolutely good luck to her,” Sharon told The Mirror.

“She’s a young woman, blessed with talent and beauty, she’s got it all going for her. She was talking about Los Angeles, she’s keen to get back there.”

When asked about Cole’s plans to crack America, she added: “She’s sassy and approachable. She’ll do brilliantly in America, they’ll love her. How could you not? Look, she’s 26, she’s got no kids and she made a mistake, time to move on.

“We all get one love of our life who hurts us, it’s not usually the one we walk down the aisle with. Cheryl was 23 when she married Ashley. I mean, come on, they were kids. You make a great looking couple and at that age you think it’s the best thing ever.

The America’s Got Talent judge joked: “How many men must be rubbing their hands now? She’s going to need a bodyguard to keep them all away. “Cheryl’s a self-made woman and should be proud of herself. And she’s surrounded by people who love her.

“Thank goodness she has a gorgeous mum who is always there for her.”

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