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Cheryl already house hunting
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Cheryl’s “people” have already viewed two properties in Surrey on Cheryl’s behalf, as she’s said to be eager to get out of the home she shared with Ashley ‘cos it’s now been tainted by his (alleged) dirty (alleged) cheating ways.

“Cheryl does not want the separation to be drawn out over a long period of time,” says a fixture or fitting close to Cheryl. “She wants to find somewhere quickly in order for her to gain stability in her home life and become settled once again. If she can’t find somewhere she likes to buy she will consider moving into rented accommodation in the short term.”

We doubt it’ll be a £60 a week bedsit in Croydon though, what with her earning £1.2 million a year for X Factor, £2.4 million in ad deals… oh, and she’s in some girl band or other too.

Of course, she and Ashley have also got to work out what to do with the house in leafy (stupid word, we refuse to believe there’s a town in the UK that doesn’t boast at least one leaf) Godalming.

“The house is really the main asset to be decided upon and Cheryl clearly wants to ensure she is properly recompensed in that regard,” says someone who sounds like they shuffle a lot of papers. “It’s a real shame as she did love that house and has some great memories there but of late they have been soured by what’s gone on and she firmly believes a new start is what’s needed. They will meet up and that has always been the case. But it’s not going to be a showdown of any sorts. There may be a few tears but at the end of the day, they just want to sort out their finances and the practicalities of how to divide up their things.”

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