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Cheryl wants quickie divorce
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Last week the rumor was that Cheryl Cole was going to meet husband Ashley for a counselling session to give the footballer a chance to talk about their situation and tell his side of the story – not to mention try to get back in the singer’s good graces. However, the rumor now is that Ashley wants their divorce to be taken care of and over by the summer.

Just a couple weeks ago Cheryl was the one rumored to want a quickie divorce. A source said that she had been giving that signal to her friends. Now it looks as though the feeling is mutual.

According to a source, the Chelsea player wants the divorce complete so soon, because he wants to be able to concentrate more on the World Cup. There’s isn’t much hope left that he and Cheryl will work it out this time, the insider said, and he’s told his buddies that he can feel their marriage is over.

The couple hasn’t seen each other in nearly a month, since allegations of Ashley’s unfaithfulness were published by a newspaper – he had been sending naked pictures and explicit text messages to a model. After those photos were leaked to media, 3 other women told tabloids that they had previously slept with him while he was either dating or married to Cheryl.

The insider still says that there is a glimmer of hope that Cheryl and Ashley will try to fight for their love. They think that it’s still possible for them to change their mind when they meet to discuss the divorce, because it will be the first time they have talked about it face-to-face. The source says that they are suppose to meet sometime this week, but that’s not set in stone.

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