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Rufus Hound hopes to cheer up Cheryl
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Rufus Hound dedicated his Let’s Dance for Sport Relief victory to Cheryl Cole last night, telling TV Biz: “It might help to cheer her up.”

Eight million Saturday night viewers watched his take-off of the X Factor judge’s Fight For This Love.

The hilarious performance – in which he paraded in a long wig, peaked cap, black leotard and slashed harem pants – saw him beat Katy Brand to the title.

But he admitted Cheryl, still dealing with the fallout of husband Ashley’s affairs, did all the hard work in creating the routine.

Rufus said: “I want to thank Cheryl. All the moves that look really good, they were done by her.

“So I’d like to say thank you for letting me be the fat bloke d***ing around with it.

“One of my dancers, who is also one of Cheryl’s backing dancers, told me he spoke to her and said, ‘She loves it – she thinks it’s the funniest thing’.

“The idea that during a rough time she got a giggle out of it is really nice.”

Rufus, 31, added that Cheryl, 26 – who has been laid low by bronchitis – was a key factor in allowing him to take the Mick.

He said: “When Sport Relief asked me to take part, I said I’d really like to do Cheryl, but they said there may be legal issues.”

But he then got a call saying she was looking forward to it.

It turned out the Girls Aloud star, who last year climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the charity, was keen to see his comic version of her moves.

The Argumental comic copied Cheryl’s look – right down to the barbed wire tattoo on his thigh.

He laughed: “I did consider shaving the ‘tache but thought it would be funnier not to.”

Rufus, who repeated the dance for crew members and contestants at an after-show party, paid tribute to his choreographers.

He said: “It’s not easy to get a fat lad to move like this. They’ve done a heck of a job.”

Source: The Sun

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