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Cheryl speaks out on the removal of her wedding ring
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Cheryl has issued a statement via her PR company’s Twitter account following speculation regarding her absent wedding ring.

The Fight For This Love singer, who has caused a media stir by apparently flaunting her ringless wedding finger whilst on a promotional tour in France has hit back at the press, breaking her dignified silence over her break up with Ashley Cole.

The X Factor judge has more than 3 Words to say to the media when she tweeted through Supersonic PR’s Twitter account stating: “I just wanted to clear up the stories about whether I am wearing my wedding ring in my own words as this has been going on for too long and is getting boring.”

“It is not some silly game I am playing. That is not me and not my style. There have been many occasions where I have not worn my wedding ring, many of those when I was pictured with Ashley.”

The Girls Aloud star added: “I find it crazy that people would think I use this as some sort of msg. Believe it or not Ashley is fully aware of any situation going on in our personal lives. He does not need to see a picture of me moving the hair out of my face to explain anything. Please drop it.”

After her furious rant, Supersonic PR tweeted: “Cheryl decided to tweet as she has had enough of the sh*t written about her. This allows Cheryl to have her say in her own words.”


Source: MTV

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