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Cheryl is ‘envious’ over Dannii Minogue’s preg...
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Cheryl is reportedly ‘envious’ over fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue’s pregnancy.

The Girls Aloud star is said to have told friends that she is jealous of Dannii expecting her first baby as it reminds Chezza of what she is missing in her own life.

Cheryl, who split with cheating hubby Ashley Cole in February was hoping to start a family with the Chelsea footballer this year, before revelations of Ashley’s infidelity came to light – leaving Cheryl’s baby hopes in tatters.

A source told Now Magazine: “When Cheryl finished the series last year she and Ashley were talking about the best time to get pregnant so she could still work on the show. Now it’s all fallen apart and she’s a million miles away from being a mum.”

“Knowing that Dannii’s having a baby has just served to reinforce Cheryl’s insecurities and pain from the last few months. She’s filled with pain.”

They added: “With her marriage in tatters and her personal life under the microscope, sources close to the singer say she’s spent weeks reflecting on what went wrong. Cheryl blames Ashley for ruining her life…”

The Parachute singer, who was recently pictured wearing a skull ring on her wedding finger is reportedly ‘devastated’ that 2010 will not be the year that she is to be a mum and blames Ashley for everything.

The insider continued: “She feels like she’s gone backwards five years. He’s hurt her so much and she blames him not just for cheating, but for taking away her chance to be a mum and 
to start a family.”

“She’s delighted for Dannii and thinks it’s fantastic she’s going to be a mum, but Cheryl wanted a baby with Ashley more than anything and she’s going to find it difficult to work with Dannii when she comes back to the show as a mum.”

Source: MTV

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