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The X Factor boosted Cheryl’s confidence
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Cheryl has confessed that she is surprised by the rumours linking her to the US version of The X Factor, says a report.

The 26-year-old admitted that she has grown in confidence since appearing as a judge on the TV talent show.

She is reported in The Times of India as saying: “Frankly, it has come as a shock to me.

“It is a really scary thing. Why would they give it to me? They don’t know me and I’ve got this heavy Geordie accent.”

She continued: “My turn as star panellist on The X Factor UK may have blinded the nation. But it was nowhere close to as much shock as it came to me.

When I walked in that room, I didn’t know a single person apart from the girl doing my hair, who I loved, and Louis [Walsh], which was a different story altogether.”

Cheryl confessed that her X Factor post helped her to become a more confident person.

She added: “I began to feel a change in myself by sitting in the judge’s hotseat.

“I just became more confident. It all became slightly crazy and I think it could’ve done me head in if I’d allowed it to. But for me, this was about conquering a new fear of doing something by myself.”


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