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Cheryl being emotionally blackmailed by Ashley
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Cheryl is reportedly being bullied by estranged hubby Ashley Cole to take him back.

Insiders close to the Girls Aloud star are have claimed that the Chelsea footballer is using emotional blackmail to win back Chezza such as texts, gifts and even threats of suicide.

A source told Now Magazine: “Cheryl’s showing classic signs of being bullied and her motives for a reconciliation don’t come from a good place…”

The insider continued: “Instead of taking Ashley back because she adores him and wants things to work, I think it’s because she’s scared of being alone and because he’s been bombarding her since they split eight weeks ago.”

The X Factor judge, who is currently on a gruelling promotional tour to promote her LP, 3 Words is allegedly being backed into a corner by Ashley – who is leaving her no option but to take him back.

The source added: “He’s made a fool of her. She knows it, but despite moving out and taking off her wedding ring, she’s not close to leaving Ashley for good.”

“Cheryl not filing for divorce speaks volumes. She’s scared to do it, her marriage has been destructive for ages now, but it’s like she can’t see it.

They also stated: ‘She’s been telling friends that she feels lonelier than she’s ever been in her life. She also says she wishes she was back in the north east with the rest of her family and “real” friends because she feels so cut off at the moment.”

The Fight For This Love singer is said to be planning a summer reconciliation with Cole and is in ‘constant talks’ with the love-rat.

What a load of bullshit.

Source: MTV

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