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Cheryl to collaborate with Nicole Scherzinger?
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Cheryl’s love life may be as healthy as a drug addict going cold turkey. But at least her solo career is heading from strength to strength.

The Girls Aloud beauty is finally making waves Stateside with a possible collaboration with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger on the cards.

Nicole’s American management believe Cheryl will be a huge star in Yanksville and they want to help launch the X Factor beauty.

My Stateside source told me: “Nicole’s manager wants to look after Cheryl’s American campaign.

“He knows anyone who has the backing of and Simon Cowell will be huge and they want in on it.”

Nicole already knows all about Cheryl from her Pussycat Dolls days.

And with her partnering Cheryl’s hunky pal Derek Hough on Dancing With The Stars, she’s finding out a whole lot more.

My insider told me: “Nicole’s currently working on her second solo album which will have a much more dance and electronic sound than her first one.

“She’s moving away from R&B to a sound very similar to Cheryl’s, so it makes sense for them to record together.

“Derek is constantly raving about Cheryl to Nicole and vice-versa.

“It’s early days yet but it would make sense.

“Nicole’s involvement would guarantee a big hit in America, while Cheryl’s would guarantee a smash hit back here.”

Mrs Cole’s, or should that be Ms Tweedy’s, good fortune doesn’t end there however! She’s currently rehearsing for a UK tour supporting Black Eyed Peas which starts next week.

And she’s also been given the Simon Cowell seal of approval to appear on both the British AND American X Factor.

What more evidence do you need Chezza to prove you don’t need a lying, skeletal-looking cheat holding you back?


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