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Cheryl turned down “Dirty Picture”
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Cheryl turned down a song called Dirty Picture for her solo album.

But Taio Cruz, the man behind it, says now would have been an ideal time for Cheryl to release it.

“I think she should have done Dirty Picture because since Ashley was sending rude pictures to girls, she could have said: ‘Guys are sending me pics’,” muses the Londoner over an outdoor lunch with Playlist.

While Taio, 26, has been off hitting No 1 in America with Break Your Heart (another song Cheryl’s label said “No” to) his Geordie pal, 26, has been re-evaluating her marriage – and he’s concerned.

He says: “Divorce is such a personal thing. There are so many more good times that they would have had than these one or two bad things.

“I think you should weigh up relationships and think: ‘Am I happy more times than I am unhappy?’”

While Cheryl did record two of Taio’s songs for her disc and featured him on Stand Up, he recruited raunchy Californian hitmaker Ke$ha to warble on Dirty Picture, his new single out to download now.

I’m so angry about this! The song is hot as fuck and it would’ve been way better than Tra$ha.


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