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Cheryl’s divorce terms include life-long gagging order on Ashl...
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As Cheryl Cole initiates proceedings for a ‘quickie’ divorce, the singer has allegedly issued estranged husband Ashley with a string of extraordinary demands, including a life-long gagging order preventing him from ever revealing anything about their relationship.

High on the list is a condition that the footballer will contact, call or text her for six months after the divorce.

The “Heads of Agreement” document, understood to have been written by top divorce lawyer Helen Ward, gives the disgraced England and Chelsea defender a maximum of seven days to respond.

Cheryl’s instructions also make it clear that she does not want a single penny of her husband’s estimated 10-million-pound fortune and is ready to pay him 3-million -pounds of her own cash to buy out his share of their mansion in Surrey.

Cheryl, 26, wants to divorce Ashley as swift as possible.

In a show of goodwill, Cheryl has agreed to cite ‘unreasonable behaviour’ rather than the more stark ‘adultery’ as grounds for divorce.

If Ashley, 29, agrees to fulfil her demands, the pair’s marriage could even be formally ended before the start of the World Cup in June.

“Cheryl does not want a single thing from -Ashley except his signature on the divorce agreement. She just wants him to leave her alone, accept it is over and for them both to move on. After all she’s been through, Cheryl just wants to walk away with her half and for the divorce to be as painless as possible,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

“She doesn’t want a penny from him or for this to be dragged through the courts.

“Cheryl isn’t out for revenge and she has no desire to humiliate Ashley further by citing ‘adultery’ for the divorce,” the source added.


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