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Cheryl’s mother ‘OKs’
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  2010/05/07 has taken another huge step in his pursuit of Cheryl – by formally meeting her beloved mum.

Geordie Cheryl, 26, took her blossoming friendship with the rapper to the next level by introducing him to Joan, 50, on Wednesday night.

Chart-topping Will joined the mother and daughter for drinks after Cheryl supported the Black Eyed Peas at London’s O2 Arena.

The meeting went so well that Will has promised Joan to take care of the Girls Aloud singer – and he heaped praise on the way she had been brought up.

Will.I.Am said: “Joan is a great lady. You can see why Cheryl is such a good girl, she gets it from her mum.

“Cheryl’s mum is behind our friendship.

“I think anybody that will look after her little girl and protect her – after the last few months she has had – is only a good thing in her mum’s eyes.

“The most important thing for Cheryl at the moment is to have a man around her who she can trust and who makes her laugh. I promised mum that’s what I’m doing.”

He added: “We couldn’t ask for a better supporting act than Cheryl, the crowd absolutely love her and she really is a princess in the British peoples’ eyes.

“I am having a great time working with her, but I already knew that I would anyway.

” We are having a great time during the show, but also a great time after.”

An onlooker at the Bacardi VIP bar said: “Cheryl turned up with her mum after Will had arrived.

“He spent some time talking to Joan, who came to watch her perform.

“She obviously got on with Will, so she seems to approve of the friendship.”

Will, 35, who worked with Cheryl on her debut solo album 3 Words, has made no secret of his feelings for the Girls Aloud star.

He has been teased by his Black Eyed Peas bandmates over their close friendship.

The pair have spent time together while on tour working in the studio on music.

The Sun has revealed how bisexual bandmate Fergie, 35 – who is also a close pal of Cheryl – has been joking she will sleep with the X Factor judge before he does.


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