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Kimberley Walsh: Cheryl and Nicola are my bestfriends
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Kimberley Walsh insists she has ‘no conflict’ with LA-based Nadine Coyle but admits they’ve ‘grown apart’.

She says she is one third of a tight clique in the band, along with Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts, describing fifth member Sarah Harding as ‘mad’.

On the growing gulf between her and Coyle, Walsh says: ‘People look for conflict where there isn’t any. In any group, there will be people you are really on the same wavelength as and others where it’s different. But it doesn’t mean we’re not friends… Nadine lives in LA now so it’s inevitable you grow apart. And Sarah’s just mad!’

Walsh says the time apart during the girls’ year-long hiatus has been welcome.

She tells Cosmopolitan: ‘I really am not competitive with any of the girls. It’s been nice to have a break and do our own things.’

The 28-year-old says X Factor’s Cheryl and redhead Nicola are her two closest chums. ‘With Cheryl and Nicola, it’s the same [type of relationship as with my oldest friends],’ she says.

‘I don’t know why we’ve bonded like we have but I’d count them among my best friends. I look back at certain moments and think, “What would I have done without them?” I wouldn’t have coped.’


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