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Cheryl loves going solo [Radio Interview]
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The gorgeous Cheryl Cole is riding high on the success of her television career, as well as her debut album, 3 Words.

We’ve been playing her catchy new single “Fight For This Love” on Nova and the brunette beauty called in from her tour bus today to tell us how she’s dealing with her parents, fame and discovering Susan Boyle.

On Will I Am, it looks as though the two are making beautiful music together: “I started working with Will on his solo record… I’ve got four or five tracks on the album with him. He raps on a couple and sings on another.”

On Girls Aloud, the pop band that shot her to fame as a result of a UK talent show, she’s just as enthusiastic: “Seven years of touring and making albums is a long time, so although I miss them like crazy… it was a bit like SATC on the road you know, four very different girls, very different opinions so I don’t miss that side, don’t miss their opinions, don’t miss waiting four hours for hair and make-up, but I miss them, the company and the girly chats.”

That said, Cheryl Cole won’t be settling down on a farm any time soon – listen in to see who helped her cement that decision!

Listen to the interview below:


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