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Cheryl being fought over by loads of men… and Justin Biebe...
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Cheryl Cole

While Ashley’s busy being bewitched by a slightly scary lapdancing type, Cheryl’s been inadvertently casting some love spells of her own – at yesterday’s Capital Summertime Ball, she had three men (OK, two men and a little boy) apparently fight-fight-fight-fighting for her love… or at least a cheeky snog.

Not only was dancer Derek shaking his thang in close proximity to Cheryl at the Wembley do after spending the week fuelling various rumours about the nature of their relationship, but Will I Am also hopped on a private jet from Paris to surprise her.

Not bad going… although people a little more pre-pubescent than us will be more impressed/furious to hear that Justin Bieber was also doing his best to create some nonsense gossip, by suggesting he has his eye on her too.

“Just did an interview where they asked me if there was anyone I wanted to work with from the show’s line up… I said Cheryl Cole of course,” he tweeted, all by himself, without any major typos (and they say education standards are in decline). “I mean I heard Cheryl just became single. I mean aw c’mon! Haha. Whatsup Cheryl? ;)”

He added backstage at the event that “she’s hot”. Wow Justin Beaver hitting on Chez… I think you need to shut your little gob, you’re not a player.


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