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Cheryl to plan £100,000 Holiday to Celebrate Birthday
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Sarah Harding

Cheryl turns 27 next week and is set to mark her special day at her Surrey mansion with her family. However, her hectic work schedule will ease up later this summer and she has decided to travel to the Spanish party island of Ibiza to have some fun.

Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding has convinced the star to take a break from work and join her in Ibiza while her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane is working at some of the clubs. Their bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts are also expected to spend a few days there, along with Cheryl’s collaborator

“On the other hand, she sees this birthday as a major milestone in her life,” a source told Grazia magazine. “She’s ready to move forward in a big way and on her own terms. The vast majority of the time, her life is all about discipline. She’s so busy that if she’s not strict with herself then she’d go mad or get seriously ill, but everyone needs to let their hair down sometimes.”

Cheryl and Sarah are renting an eight-bedroom mansion in Ibiza which has its own swimming pool and private chef. The stars are also keen to hire a yacht and will be indulging in a series of luxurious beauty therapies.

Those close to Cheryl are believed to be encouraging the star to let loose and party during her time on the island with Sarah.

“Sarah is great for getting Cheryl to relax her normally highly regimented life,” the source added. “With Sarah, Cheryl stays out late, drinks more than usual and eases up on her diet. Sarah is the only one who can get her to relax her no-carbohydrates rule, but that’s kind of a metaphor for their relationship. Sarah’s the queen of fun and Cheryl is finally ready to have some herself.”


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