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Contestant sings to Cheryl – Makes Katy Perry Jealous!
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Cheryl Cole Tweedy Katy Perry

The X Factor panel hit Dublin today for the first time in four years (pictures here) and joining show regulars – Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh – was special guest judge Katy Perry.

One act in particular impressed the female contingent of the panel, a hunky lifeguard named Stephen who sang Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ for the audience. Before the buff lad started his tune, randy Katy asked the lad to take his shirt off, to which he replied:

‘I will if I get through!’

Stephen then started his performance, making his way down from the stage, to Cheryl Cole, where he proceeded to hold her hand and sing directly to the almost divorced star.

After his rendition of the classic song, Katy Perry admitted that she had felt a little jealous when he tried to woo Cheryl but said that he could make it up to her by taking his shirt off. This time Stephen complied and was greeted by Katy pretending to faint, Cheryl fanning herself and ear bursting screams from the young girls in the audience.

Unsurprisingly both Katy and Cheryl voted to send the stud to bootcamp as did the ever so straight (?) Louis Walsh.

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