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Cheryl agonised by high heels
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy prefers soaring heels as they make her look good, even though she suffers much pain because of her habit.

The X-Factor judge always prefers heels while dressing up for an outing as they add glamour to the outfit, though they often leave her feet sore, Contactmusic reported.

The Fight for This Love singer wore a pair of lace Christian Louboutins at a recent night out while attending the Cannes Film Festival.

“My feet are killing me, but it’s a long way until the end of the night. I sit down, but I can’t think straight as my feet hurt so much. I love Louboutins, but some are so high, it is impossible to wear them for a long time. I can’t take them off, though, as I may not be able to get them back on again! So I suffer in silence,” said the singer who recently split from husband, footballer Ashley Cole.

The 27-year-old said that she is nervous every time she walks down the red carpet to counter camera flashes.

“I’m worried about going down the red carpet. When I’m with Girls Aloud, one of us always has a disaster; a dresspinging open or a heel going through a gown. As soon as I step out of the limo, the paparazzi go mental. I’m striking poses, showing off the dress and smiling like it’s going out of fashion,” said the singer.


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