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Cheryl Suffering from “Lady Gaga syndrome”
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Lady GaGa

With a spiralling career and rising stardom, Cheryl’s life is, surely, a busy one as she sparsely finds time even to gulp down some essential foods. Now, seems like her gruelling work schedule is taking a toll on her health as was evidenced by her sudden collapse during a photoshoot in London this past Saturday.

Wearied down by her hectic routine, she passed off all of a sudden. Even as the doctor was rushed in, she remained in a dazed state. The doctor linked her passing off to severe exhaustion, something that makes her vulnerable to gastroenteritis.

Contact Music reports, “She should never have gone to the studio. She insisted she was fine, even though she clearly wasn’t. Her skin was pale and her lips had no colour. She’s rundown and tired. That’s why she ended up with the stomach virus.

She told the photographer she’d be all right if she got her make-up on. But once she was under the lights it was clear she wasn’t well. She was really sweating and the make-up staff had a job on their hands.

Eventually she just keeled over. It was horrible. She was only out for a few seconds but it was enough to give everyone, including Cheryl, a massive scare. She was carried to a dark room and lay down on a sofa until the doctor arrived. She was sent home to rest and the shoot was postponed indefinitely. It was a real shock to see her looking so ill. She looks terrible.”

Concluding words: We have been silent witnesses to the frequent stage collapses of the Poker Face singer Lady Gaga, another glam-struck star who refuses to pay heeds to the demands of the tired body. Now, the question that lingers in my mind and worries Cheryl’s fans is ‘Is she heading the Gaga way?’

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