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Cheryl regrets watching movie at Cannes Film Festival
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Cheryl Cole spent an entire film premiere thinking of better ways she could be spending her time.

The singer attended the prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where she performed at a party and also worked in her role as a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris. While at the event she attended the debut of Outside the Law, about three Algerian brothers living in France after having survived the aftermath of the Sétif massacre.

Cheryl wasn’t prepared for the “long” movie, and couldn’t help day dreaming while she was watching it. “It’s been a long day and the film is more than two hours long and very harrowing,” she said in a diary about her time in Cannes published in British magazine InStyle. “As my manager Hillary says, ‘You make a choice to see a film like this,’ but we’re sitting right in front of the cast, so I feel like it would be really rude to leave, even though I can’t help thinking to myself all the things could have done with that time.”

Cheryl found appearing on the red carpet at the event nerve-wracking. She is used to being seen at events with her four bandmates, and was concerned she would make a fool of herself. She decided to “smile like it was going out of fashion”, and was pleased with the pictures which were taken of her.


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