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Cheryl was ‘Hours From Death’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole was close to death when she was diagnosed with malaria, according to a report in News of the World.

A friend of the star revealed the extent of her illness to the newspaper: “We nearly lost her and the battle is far from over… It got so bad she was literally only hours from death’s door. Even now she can’t talk. She drifts in and out of consciousness and when she comes round all she can do is sob.”

Although Cheryl has been moved from intensive care to a private clinic, the source said the Fight For This Love singer still has a long way to go. “She’s not better, she’s not even close. It’s still a very serious situation and she’s really going to have to battle.

“The fact she’s been on oxygen for six days now, and is still on a drip, shows how severe things are,” the friend continued. “She has fluid on her lungs as well which they can’t really treat at the moment because her blood count’s so low.”

The report states that Cheryl is likely to stay in hospital for another fortnight, but won’t be strong enough to appear in public for a further two months. That means she won’t take part in X Factor boot camp and won’t perform at the V Festival next month, although no official announcement has been made as yet.

It’s likely the star’s low immunity – due to the stresses in her personal life and her recent weight loss – added to the severity of the illness and will increase recovery time.


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