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Cheryl’s dad says she’s on the mend
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole’s dad, Gary Tweedy has revealed that the Girls Aloud star is on the mend and continues to improve.

Gary told The Mirror how he has been phoning the Fight For This Love singer regularly since she was admitted to hospital 10 days ago with malaria after contracting the deadly plasmodium falciparum strain of the disease in Tanzania.

Tweedy told the newspaper: “She has been in a bad way and we have obviously been worried. But she’s on the mend now.”

The 47-year old added: “We don’t know how long she’ll be in hospital, I don’t think the doctors know. We’re just relieved she’s all right.”

Chezza’s father who split with her mum, Joan Callaghan 16 years ago also claimed that medics are hopeful that the X Factor judge will make a full recovery from the tropical illness.

He revealed that his daughter has been on oxygen and a drip after the disease took hold of the singer’s frail body – leaving her weak and jaundiced.

The 27-year old, who filed for divorce from hubby Ashley Cole back in May has been told not to work until September at the earliest, ruling her out of X Factor boot camp and V Festival.

She has also been advised by doctors to ‘sort out’ her nutrition and stress levels by taking up relaxing yoga and Pilates as well as recommending Chez to scrap her blood-type diet to regain full health.


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