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Comic Relief shocked at Cheryl’s malaria
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

A British charity are “shocked” that Cheryl Cole caught malaria during a recent trip to South Africa.

Bosses at Comic Relief have revealed they are stunned the singer contracted the disease, as the X Factor star took part in an African climb for the organisation last year – to raise money to buy mosquito nets in the country.

A statement from the charity reads: “When news reached us that our good friend Cheryl Tweedy had contracted malaria last week, we were absolutely shocked.

“It’s only a short time ago that she, along with eight of her celebrity friends, completed a gruelling physical challenge to raise money for Comic Relief to buy and distribute malaria nets – the first step in preventing families and children in Africa from contracting this deadly disease.

“Cheryl did an amazing thing when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year, and she knows what a devastating effect malaria can have on anyone who catches it – especially for those children and families living in poor countries where they have no access to healthcare.

“Thanks to Cheryl and the team’s huge fundraising efforts, Comic Relief has been able to distribute thousands of malaria nets, helping to save lives and prevent many children from contracting the disease. We wish Cheryl a very speedy recovery.”


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