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Girls Aloud ‘Tell Cheryl To Stay Away From Ashley’
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Cheryl Cole’s Girls Aloud bandmates are reportedly worried she might take Ashley back now that she’s ill.
It’s claimed she texted him after England were knocked out of the World Cup and that he has since been trying to get in contact with her.

A source told Now Magazine: “He’s tried calling and has been in touch with (Cheryl’s mum) Joan but his name is mud to everyone right now. Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmates think he’s toxic.

“She needs to wipe him out of her life. The stress of the divorce hasn’t helped her emotional state and everyone’s concerned.”

Another new report however suggests that Chelsea and England star Cole is not spending too much time worrying about his ex. He and Shaun Wright Phillips have reportedly been partying and spending heaps of cash in LA recently.

A source told The Sun:

“You would think they had something to celebrate. They looked far too pleased with themselves.

“They dropped £8,000 in a few hours in (club) XIV alone. That’s about the amount England fans had struggled to save over the last four years to go to watch them in South Africa – and they spent it in a few hours without a second thought.”

Chezza is currently in a private clinic recovering from malaria but is expected to be out of hospital by the end of the week.


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