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Cheryl ‘Refuses To Deal With Divorce’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Ashley Cole

Frail Cheryl Cole has reportedly put her plans to divorce cheating hubby Ashley Cole on hold until she fully recovers from malaria.

The Girls Aloud star, who is home at her Surrey mansion recovering from the deadly disease is said to have refused to deal with the legal papers and has ordered that she participates in ‘nothing stressful’ until she is well again.

However, it seems that anything related to the Chelsea footballer is seen as ‘stressful’ to Chezza, as she has allegedly been ignoring doctors orders by working from her sick bed – but will NOT deal with anything to do with her imminent divorce or her estranged hubby.

A source told Now magazine: “This means the divorce is being stalled and could take even longer to go through.”

“Why she’s refusing to deal with it, yet is still liaising with her management about her schedule and texting people like Simon Cowell about X Factor, has become a bone of contention with her family.”

They added: “Her mum Joan is absolutely beside herself. She knows Cheryl finds the divorce stressful. After all, she’s run down because she overworked herself in the first place 
in an attempt to block it out.”

“But Joan says the avoidance tactics need to stop. She thinks her daughter should get this process through as quickly as possible, so she can start healing. Ashley’s presence is a burden to the entire family.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl is said to be worried that she will never sing again after losing her voice for five days when battling the mosquito-carried virus.


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