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Cheryl ‘enjoys friendly meeting with Ashley’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Ashley Cole

The England footballer came in for criticism for partying in Los Angeles as his wife battled for her life in a London hospital, but it now seems he does still care.

According to the People, the Chelsea star met Cheryl at their marital home in Surrey last week. They had not met for five months, but apparently got on well during the hour they spent together.

A friend of Cheryl’s said: “There were no arguments whatsoever. There is nothing left for Cheryl and Ashley to argue about. In fact, things are now very amicable between them.”

Although the pair are to divorce after claims that Ashley had a series of one-night stands appeared in the papers, the Chelsea defender is determined to part on good terms.

One of the footballer’s friends explained: “Ashley was desperate to visit her as he still deeply cares about her.

“He stayed for nearly an hour, they chatted and he told her how much he still cares for her. Cheryl was also happy at the visit.”

The X Factor star is believed to be finding her recuperation difficult, as she is bored with sitting around doing nothing. However, she has plenty more of that to look forward to, as doctors have told Cheryl it will be several months before she can resume her hectic work schedule.

I expect another apology in a few months time claiming this is untrue, haha.


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