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Cheryl worried about her X Factor future
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has said that she is worried about her future with the hit X Factor show after coming down with malaria. According to the Daily Star, Cheryl Cole, 27, was in a panic when she heard how well former Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger done when she stood in for her.

The X Factor Judge wanted to show her fans how well she was doing so she decided to go for a short trip to her local Starbucks. According to the reports she also wanted to show Simon Cowell and bosses at The X Factor that she was nearly recovered and ready to return back to the show although the pictures showed her still frail and far from ready to return back to work.

“Cheryl felt the need to prove she’s back and feeling fine after battling the illness that put her into intensive care,” a source told the publication.

“I mean popping out for coffee – when was the last time she popped out for a coffee? She has aides and family members to carry out her every whim. In reality Cheryl was just desperate to be seen out and get her picture in the paper to show fans she’s on the way back.

“Eventually it was agreed to let her go out in a bid to get her to calm down. More importantly, she wanted to send a message to Simon Cowell to make sure he doesn’t forget her, and also to remind Nicole that she’s just a stand-in and not to make herself too at home.”

The insider added: “However the sad truth is that malaria takes a long time to get over and Cheryl – though looking well – is still a long way from being fully fit.”

Cheryl Cole has said she is so grateful for all the kind support she has received from her fans and cannot wait to get back to work.

Chez you have NOTHING to worry about, Nicole has nothing on you and you’re still the nation’s darling. I’m glad Cheryl looks absolutely freshfaced and ready to go back to work again. Determination, determination, determination.


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