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Cheryl boosts hairspray sales in the UK
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Cheryl Cole

Environment, be damned. All over the UK, ladies are getting lacquered up.

Backcombed hair and the return of big, bouffant waves can only mean one thing: hairspray’s back in fashion. Across the UK alone, overall demand for the product has risen by 10 per cent in the past year, while over £100 million-worth of hairspray has been sold across the country in the past 12 months, according to the Daily Mail.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Cheryl Cole is being credited with the dramatic surge in hairspray’s popularity… and since people are willing to go under the knife to get dimples like hers, buying a can of aerosol spray is hardly a major commitment. Capitalising on the X Factor judge’s popularity, L’Oréal-owned brand Elnett has even created a limited-edition ‘Chellnet’ spray with Cheryl’s picture on the front (no wonder sales of their product have gone up 14 per cent).

Hairspray’s return to vogue – despite the product’s bad PR (yes, it still contains chemicals, is damaging to the ozone layer and leaves hair feeling sticky and stiff) – probably won’t be diminishing any time soon, and not only because of Cheryl.

The autumn/winter 2010 catwalks were awash with 60s-inspired bouffant looks, from beehives at Prada and Giles to slicked-back ponies at Louis Vuitton and retro Bardot styles at Rochas, which all require major quantities of the stuff to keep hair in position.


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