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Cheryl shoots “Promise This” music video
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Ray Kay and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole blocked out her divorce proceedings yesterday, by shooting a music video for her newest single.

As the case to dissolve her and Ashley Cole’s marriage was being heard in London’s High Court, the X Factor judge was working on the video for ‘Promise This,’ the first single from her second solo album.

A staff member told The Sun that no one mentioned her personal troubles on set. They revealed:

“Everyone was briefed before she arrived that they weren’t to hassle her.

“Obviously she’s going through a difficult time right now and the main thing for her is just getting her work done without any bother.

“She looked great though in a short beige and black dress and long hair extensions. She’s definitely looking back to her best.”

However, some insiders worry that Cheryl is working too hard and may fall ill again. One source said: “The video was the most she’s worked since she fell ill. It was exhausting for her.

“She has reverted back to her old work ethic to cope, but these long days aren’t good after the malaria and she needs to slow down.

“She’s definitely keeping her name, though – she’ll still be Cheryl Cole.”

Can I just add one thing, why the hell would anyone question her personal troubles on set when they’re with her in person, it’s like the papers/media are ALWAYS the ones trying to fish out drama. People in real life aren’t disrepectful like they are, they need to just shut the fuck up for once and stop trying to up stuff up concerning her life. But anyways, can’t wait to see the video and thank god she’s gonna have her long hair back in it!


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