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More second album scoop: “Fun, late 90’s music”...
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Starsmith, Cheryl Cole

Underground pop artist/producer recently did an interview which recently revealed some info on Cheryl’s upcoming second album:

Who was the last artist in your studio working on new material?

Starsmith: Cheryl Cole about two weeks ago in LA. We’re making late 90′s very fun. “Fidgety” house stuff. Its quite funky, I haven’t heard the rest of the record, only our tracks, so I don’t know where its going.

Ahh, like the glory days of late 90′s pop?

Starsmith: Yeah, it’s got a lot of house piano, we’re trying to avoid the rubbish dance music of now. I worked with Wayne Hector on the project too. We just really wanted to do something fun but still really authentic and thrown out a little bit. We weren’t sure people would love it, but we did, and we were really pleased.

Did you receive any guidance when you worked with Cathy Dennis, in the way of song-writing that could be adapted to your ethic on your debut?

Starsmith: I had a session with Cathy for Cheryl, but the song wasn’t really right for her. Its a shame because I’ve always looked up to Cathy as writer, and we didn’t have enough time with each other for me to learn anything.


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