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Charlotte Church: ‘I’d probably get on with Cheryl&#...
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Charlotte Church, Cheryl Cole

Charlotte Church has dismissed any suggestion of an ongoing feud between her and Cheryl Cole.

The Welsh singer was once quoted as saying that “Cheryl really has no idea that she can’t sing at all” but more recently told DS that Cole is a “lovely lady” and that she is happy to be compared to her.

Church told The Sun: “There was never really anything to my so-called fight with Cheryl, apart from we were both young girls who thought we were a bit badass.

“We are grown-up women now. I’ve never met her, but we would probably get on. She is probably really cool. Her solo career is massive. I don’t mind a bit of competition, it’s healthy. I think I am pretty different.”

Of her return to pop, Church added: “It’s a bit worrying that I am about to get back into the limelight. I’m not going to be over-exposed. I’m a singer and it is music I sell, not any old s**t.

“I am not just a celebrity. There is a point to me: music and singing. That’s why I am only doing a select few things.

“When [my children] Ruby and Dexter are old enough for school I want to be there making their dinner or going on the school run.”


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