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Introducing the brand new layout + extras
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It’s that time of the year again where the site gets a revamp and this time I have taken a lot of risks with the layout as it was extremely difficult for my friend, James from to code the design I put together. The layout features a transiting banner that will change everytime you refresh any page of the site, currently there are 6 different banners.

I’ve also added a little bonus section with 3D anagraph images of Cheryl to get into the whole current 3D craze, head over to, put on your red & blue glasses and have fun with the pictures. There’s obviously the new gallery layout which also debuted last week to complete with the whole revamp to welcome the NEW era of Cheryl’s second album, “Messy Little Raindrops” and to celebrate the release of her new single “Promise This” and the music video premiering in 2 days.

The site is an absolute jewel to me and for it to come this far and get so many hits within such a short period of time since it’s opening in February, I couldn’t have done it without you loyal visitors and Cheryl fans. The site is growing bigger and bigger everyday and I hope the site will be big enough soon to be recognized or acknowledged by Cheryl herself, it would be absolutely amazing to earn a little appreciation from all the hard work I put into this site.

Again, thanks so much for visiting and I hope you’ve all had a great summer. If there are any questions or if you’re experiencing any problems with the new site, drop me an email, or to be easier, give me a tweet on Twitter @CherylOnlineNet and I will sort it out asap.


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