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Selena Gomez continues to sweetly stan for Cheryl
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Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole

Selena Gomez, our little Cheryl stan from the States have once again mentioned Cheryl, not only by speech, but by words on print! Selena gave Cheryl a little tribute for Chez being a “massive inspiration” to her in her album booklet.

She’s also been mentioning Cheryl like crazy in the past weeks promoting her album at various interviews. She said in the Perez Hilton interview (@ 1:55) with Perez asking:

“Somebody told me you really love Cheryl Cole slash Tweedy, I like to call her Tweedy now cause she’s a single lady. She may have dated that one dude, but I don’t believe that, it don’t really matter. Why do you like Cheryl so much?”

“I would like to be on the record to say that i’m the one who introduced Cheryl to Justin[Bieber],” Selena said.

“He will nto stop talking about her, he didn’t know who she was. We were talking one day and I said that I’m obsessed with this girl Cheryl Cole cause I was shooting a movie overseas [The UK] and she’s huge over there so I picked it up while I was there and I showed him some videos, we watched a couple of videos.”

“And he was obsessed with her, then he goes everywhere and talks about her and I’m like, she was mine first.”

“I’m like defensive over her, I love her, I think she’s fierce, she’s amazing, she’s beautiful, I don’t know, she’s gone through a lot and I think she carries herself so well.”

Selena continued to sing praises about Chez, “I love everything about her, her fashion, her hair, her makeup. She’s like my role model.”

She also talked a lot about Cheryl at the JustJared interview, saying her favourite Cheryl songs are Parachute, Stand Up and Promise This. You can watch the interview here:

Aaaw I love Selena even more now, she’s such a stan and I love that she’s not just a casual fan and she loves Promise This too! Selena’s new album “A Year Without Rain” is out now!

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