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Cheryl vows to keep her Geordie accent despite doubtful US caree...
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Cheryl Cole

PROUD Geordie Cheryl Cole last night vowed to KEEP her distinctive accent – even if it means not making it big in the US.

The star, expected to join Simon Cowell on the American X Factor next year, insisted: “I’d never change my accent. It’s part of who I am.”

And fans will see Cheryl’s north-east passion shine through as she and her favourite Katie Waissel both end up in tears on tonight’s show.

But loyalty to her roots may give Cheryl the same problem that nobbled fellow Geordies Ant and Dec, who were told by TV network bigwigs that their speech was “incomprehensible” when they tried to crack the US market in 2007 with game show Wanna Bet?

Cheryl, 27, admitted she fears flopping in the States but is determined not to have elocution lessons.

“It’s really scary,” she added. “Why would the Americans give a beep what I thought? They don’t know me out there and I’ve got this weird accent.”

The Promise This singer, who is mentoring the X Factor girls this year, also revealed how she gets the jitters for her acts. “Before the show I’m so nervous, sometimes more than the contestants,” she confessed. “It’s ridiculous but I can’t help it.

“I definitely feel like I’ve missed a chunk of getting to know the girls’ personalities by missing the boot camp sessions. But I love seeing everyone a second time round, seeing who jumps out at you that didn’t before – or who crumbles under the pressure.”

Cheryl is looking forward to having Dannii Minogue, 38, back on the judging panel. “I’ve really missed Dannii.” she said. “We all bring out different things in each other, and different views on each person.”

Plain-speaking Cheryl made her views pretty clear last night, branding favourite Katie a drama queen. And emotions run high again tonight as Cheryl lectures her on just what it takes to be a star and they both weep on camera.

Aaaw Chez, that’s why we and the nation love you. <3


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