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X Factor war: Simon & Cheryl VS. Dannii & Louis
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Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has admited that the X Factor judging panel is at war, with himself and Cheryl Cole on one side and Louis Walsh and Danni Minogue on the other.

The tension between the two camps has been clearly evident since the live shows began, with Louis and Cheryl, in particular, taking every opportunity to slam each other’s choices.

And last night was no different. From the moment that Louis took to the stage clutching Dannii’s hand, it was clear where the battle lines were drawn.

It continued when Simon slammed Dannii for giving her act Paije Richardson backing dancers that “looked like they had walked on to the wrong song.”

At another stage, he accused Dannni and Louis of looking “like they’ve been sucking lemons.”

Of course, Simon has been playing up the behind-the-scenes tensions.

He told the News Of The World: “Now that you mention it I haven’t really spoken to [Dannii] much. She seems a bit imperious this year, as if she’s above it all.”

He added: “Look its no secret me and Cheryl are best buddies. That is what Louis is angry about. Maybe I’m spending too much time talking to Cheryl and ignoring everyone else.”

Still, Simon couldn’t resist a few digs at Cheryl last night – calling her “Madam” (a reference to her reported diva behaviour, perhaps?) and telling her that she looked “less orange” than last week.


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