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Cheryl reveals all in her own Mirror 3am column
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl stopped by The Mirror on Thursday to write her own article on herself! She talks about her new album (of course), performing live on X Factor on Sunday, Sarah Harding and working with Rihanna. Click below to view images in the gallery, click more to read the full article written by Cheryl herself:

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What a year! Personally it’s been pretty rubbish but professionally it’s been incredible. So it’s bitter-sweet – that’s always the way it is with me for some reason.

I’m still not fully there but I am a lot happier now and I’m positive.

I’m looking forward to next year and opportunities coming up. Talking of which…

Tomorrow night’s the night; it’s time for the judge to be judged! Yep, I’ve got to get up in front of Simon, Louis and Dannii and perform on tomorrow night’s X Factor… and I’m nervous. Big time!

Simon’s been ribbing us already, ‘cos that’s what he does and that’s the way our relationship works. So yeah, he’s trying to make me even more nervous.

I’m performing the new single, Promise This, which will be the first time I’ve sung it live to an audience so that’s scary.

And to clarify, I AM singing live tomorrow night – 100%. Of course I want to and I’m happy to.

Has Louis been suggesting otherwise? Well I’ll show him! And Simon!

I was actually in hospital, seriously ill, when the whole auto-tuning thing kicked off so to be honest I wasn’t too aware of it. I wasn’t too aware of anything at that time!

But I’ve been told about it since and it’s a weird one.

Unless you’re recording a live, unplugged studio or concert album, then every artist has to use auto-tuning, they have done for years and years. All it does really is tidy everything up, and make it perfect. Otherwise, the smallest of sounds or imperfections – if you breathe too deeply or too loudly, for instance – comes up and ruins the purity of the track.

It’s vital, especially for artists who dance vigorously when they sing – you need to hear the voice clearly during an elaborate dance move, not someone wheezing!

When you buy a single or album, you want it to be perfect.

It’s rubbish to say autotuning can make a good singer sound better or a crap one sound worse. It’s just a question of neatening things up.

Singing and performing is what I love more than anything, so once I’m up there tomorrow night, I’ll be fine. I have a point to prove to Simon after all!

On Cher and Katie

I’m really proud of all me girls and I hope their performances, how well they’re all doing, have justified my decision to put them through.

Cher is like a mini-me; she’s me at 17, she really is. She’s such a strong, tough girl – she’s a tough cookie, that one. But she’s a lot more shy than people realise and you have to remember she is only 17. It’s a lot to cope with at that age. I think she’s great.

Katie is my biggest worry. She’s vulnerable and she’s had a very tough week. The poor thing’s been getting a lot of stick and she’s not used to it, of course she’s not.

Everything got too much and she had a panic attack at the Topshop gig on Wednesday night. But I’ve spoken to her and she knows I’m there for her if she has any worries.

She seems happier now and I’m sure she’ll be fine tonight.

On U.S. X Factor

I’ve had a few conversations with Simon about it and he’s made some encouraging noises, which is nice. I would be up for it, definitely.

But nothing’s been decided and it’s such a massive move and a huge job. I mean, LA is so far from home, from me family, it would mean a complete upheaval.

But I would have to have some serious chats with me mam and my friends, and see how they’d feel if I moved, which I would have to if I did that job.

I couldn’t commute – I would live out there. It’d be a fresh start and is definitely something I would consider.

On working with Rihanna

I couldn’t believe it when I heard Rihanna wanted to work with me.

When I found out she wanted to collaborate, I got goosebumps all over.

And here’s an exclusive for you – we’re definitely doing something together next year. I’m totally up for it.

I love that she’s into tattoos, she’s got one on her collar bone saying “Never a failure, always a lesson” – that’s beautiful.

On her new tattoo

It was meant to be private so I probably shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt at the Madame Tussauds unveiling! I designed it myself with the help of an artist and had it done to symbolise a new beginning. I am ready to move on, make a fresh start.

It starts on my thigh and goes all the way up…!

On Simon

He’s amazing and we have become so close over the past year especially.

We speak every night on the phone, and I love him to pieces – but NOT in that way! I can see why you have a crush on him, Clemmie, because he’s got that charisma. We have a chemistry; that thing when you connect.

He is one of the most supportive, genuine, nicest guys I have ever known.

On her new album

The title of my album is Messy Little Raindrops which is basically a metaphor for when there’s been a heavy downpour, and that sense of freshness afterwards.

Everything feels cleaner, just better. I’ve had a year of heavy rainfall, of tears, now it’s sunny again and I am making a new start. I can’t wait for next year, that’s what this album reflects.

On Sarah

Sarah Harding’s one of the craziest people I know but I love her so much.

And it looks like she had a great night out clubbing in London… I’m seeing her tomorrow and can’t wait to catch up all on the gossip.

On tango-gate

The nerve of Simon to call me “less orange”.

Of all the judges he’s the orange-est: Mr Sunbed, Mr All-year-tan.

I didn’t know he was going to say that -we never pre-rehearse our digs ‘cos it would look unnatural. So I was determined to get back at him. I think he was pretty p***** off I got one over on him with that “whiter teeth” comment! So yep, I’d put Simon at beef jerky level in your meat-o-meter, Clemmie…!

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