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Cheryl storms out of X Factor studios after Simon row
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Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell

The claws were out on the Halloween-themed X Factor as Simon Cowell criticised fellow judge Cheryl Cole for not paying enough attention to one of her contestants.

Cheryl Cole stormed out of the X Factor studio last night after a bitter row with Simon Cowell on live TV.

She was furious after he accused her of not working hard enough to turn finalist Treyc Cohen into a star.

Cohen, who was wearing a red hooded dress, sang Take That’s Relight My Fire in an attempt to get more public votes than last week when she was in the bottom two.

Cowell said: “Treyc I cannot fault that vocal. You are a great, great singer. The problem is that I do not think there is a connection between you and Cheryl.”

He turned to his fellow judge and added: “You have got to put some of your energy that you are putting into the others into her.”

Feisty Cole snapped back: “You are out of order. We have got a great connection.”

He challenged her: “Where does she live?”

Cole looked livid when she retorted: “I went to get her – Birmingham.”

The pair continued to bicker after Cher Lloyd’s “incredible” performance of Stay by Shakespears Sister.

Cowell, who dubbed Lloyd’s version of the song as the “best performance of the season”, said: “My only criticism is that obviously Cheryl is obviously trying to turn you into her.”


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