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Kimberley supports Cheryl at X Factor every week
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Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh

Cheryl Cole’s best mate Kimberley Walsh has NEVER voted for one of her pal’s acts, she admitted yesterday. And Kimberley even confesses to picking up the phone to support rival Louis Walsh’s stars.

Kimberley – who has been in Girls Aloud with Cheryl for more than eight years – goes to the studio and hangs out backstage with her pal every single week.

But she has never once voted for Cher Lloyd, Treyc Cohen, Katie Waissel or Rebecca Ferguson. In fact, the only times she has voted have been for Louis’s John Adeleye, who went out in week three. Kimberley admitted to TV Biz: “I don’t vote, actually.

“I know I should. I am one of those people that Cheryl is always moaning about because I’m not happy when my favourite goes – but I don’t vote.

“Although I did vote a few times for John because I felt he was a good singer and I felt he needed it and I felt sorry for him.”

But Kimberley insists she loves the show and is thrilled Cheryl can get her the hottest ticket in town.

She said: “Of course I love watching the show. What’s the point in having a friend on the show if you can’t get tickets to come and watch?” And she was blown away last week by Cher, who sang her version of Shakespear’s Sister number one Stay.

She added: “I love Rebecca. Although Cher’s performance of Stay gave me goosebumps.”

Kimberley also spoke out about the girls’ alleged rift with bandmate Nadine Coyle.

Kimberley admitted she, Cheryl and Nicola Roberts went to a Halloween party at Sarah Harding’s house rather than support Nadine, who was performing her new single Insatiable at G-A-Y.

She said: “There is nothing to say. We missed the Halloween show at G-A-Y which was a real shame.”

But she insisted she would make time for the band’s fifth member soon. She added: “I’m in Dublin at the end of the week and I think she is there too. So I’ll see if I can meet her there.”

Kimberley also advised Nadine not to get down about her single only being at number 35 in the mid-week charts.

She said: “You can’t concentrate on the chart positions or you will go mad.”


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