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Cheryl exchanges numbers with Rihanna
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Rihanna, Cheryl Cole

Over the last week Rihanna struck up a strong friendship with X Factor judge Cheryl Cole. They had met before but only swapped numbers on the show last week after Rihanna performed her new single Only Girl (In The World) which went to No1 yesterday.

She said: “It was crazy, we have a mutual friend, so he was in my dressing room at The X Factor and I said I would love to do a song with Cheryl Cole. He told me she just said exactly that next door, so I said to give her my number. He went to her dressing room and now we’re going to start talking about that.

“It seems like it’s something my fans really want, and also something that’s so not typical for me to do, work with another person who’s in the same genre as me, so I think it’ll be amazing.

“Cheryl Cole is the s***, not only that she’s f****** hot. It really put into perspective how well my new song is taking off because Cheryl Cole is ‘it’, she is The X Factor. Everybody wants to be on that level.”

It’s not just Cheryl Cole she admires here. She spends any precious time she has in her hotel room, tuned into British music.

Rihanna added: “I have always wanted to work with Depeche Mode but there are a lot of newer artists coming out here that I really appreciate, like Ellie Goulding. Her voice is unbelievable. Even if she just writes for me, I want to work with her somehow. I appreciate her art, she’s one of a kind, nobody does what she does.

“When I’m here I just put the music channels on all day long so I can see what’s happening, what I like. That’s how I found out about Amy Winehouse before she came to America. And La Roux, I love her.”

Rihanna might only be 22, but her fifth album, Loud, is shaping up to be another No1. In the UK alone she has sold more than two million copies of her last two releases Rated R and Good Girl Gone Bad.

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