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Michelle Bass recreates Cheryl’s X Factor performance look
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Michelle Bass, Cheryl Cole

Big Brother star Michelle Bass has recreated Cheryl Cole’s X Factor performance look for New magazine.

The reality star donned a red wig in imitation of Chezza’s new hair-do and wore a glittery white jacket, stripy tights and boots while she posed with a microphone.
New Magazine New Magazine out now.

‘I was a bit worried about the tights because I thought they were thigh-high socks and I can’t wear those. They’re so unflattering,’ Michelle, who is a Geordie like Cheryl, told the publication.

When asked if there is any resemblance between herself and the X Factor judge, she said: ‘Why aye, man! It’s all in the accent. I don’t have dimples but I take it as a compliment if that’s the case.’

While both Cheryl and Michelle hail from the north-east and found fame on reality TV shows, that is where the similarities end.

Chezza’s single The Promise topped the charts last week, while her second album, Messy Little Raindrops, was number one over the weekend.

In comparison, Michelle’s single Must Be The Music, which was released back in 2006, flopped.

LOL Michelle, please just…don’t. Why would anybody waste their time and money doing this? You can view one more picture of Michelle posing as Cheryl at the source, if you really want to. And big fail to the article for getting the song name wrong as “The Promise”.


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