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Cheryl to quit X Factor after current season?
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Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is expected to quit The X Factor once the current series is over, according to reports. The Girls Aloud singer is understood to be leaving the show after three years on the panel to concentrate on launching herself in the United States, with the possibility of a role on the US version of the show.

A show source said: “Cheryl is finding it tough being made out to be Public Enemy No.1. She is used to being The X Factor’s most popular judge, so she’s struggled with people attacking her every move.

“She was seriously considering quitting after this year to concentrate on launching herself in America and the recent backlash is cementing that idea.

“Cheryl knows she is a huge star in the UK now and doesn’t need The X Factor to sell records. In fact, she is worried that being a judge could do her career more harm than good She knows the majority of fans still love her. But she has gone through enough difficulties in her personal life this year without putting herself in the firing line professionally as well.”

The source added: “Being blamed for Katie surviving last week was the last straw.”

The news comes after it was revealed earlier this morning that show executives from US network FOX were in the audience last night judging Cole for a role on the US version of the show.

An insider revealed: “Her performance last night could actually land [Cheryl] an extra £5 million a year. This could be the key to cracking America and selling loads of records there.”

The Girls Aloud singer joined the panel in 2008, replacing Sharon Osbounre. Since then Cheryl has used the programme to launch her solo career which has seen her sell millions of records across the world, with debut track ‘Fight For This Love’ becoming in a hit in 19 countries.

Hardly doubt this is true myself, but if it is, well done Simon for driving away Cheryl with the unessescarily created controversies.


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