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The secret behind Cheryl’s US record deal
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has signed a multimillion pound deal with American record bosses after pal Simon Cowell warned she wouldn’t break the States without it.

Simon Cowell told Cheryl Cole that she had a better chance of winning a place on the US X Factor panel if she could sell records stateside. Taking his advice, Cheryl travelled to Los Angeles earlier this month where she signed a reported £6million deal with Universal to take her album Messy Little Raindrops over the Atlantic.

“Simon told her it was imperative that she breaks the US with her music before she has any shot of doing TV because she is so unknown there,” a source said. “He is trying to sort out a job for her on the panel, but he knows he won’t be listened to unless she can make a name for herself over there.

“Being told she had a slim-to-zero chance of getting the US X Factor job was a kick in the teeth, so the record contract was quickly a done deal.”

But, despite her megabucks deal, Cheryl now has a mountain to climb in impressing the US X Factor producers.

It’s been claimed that TV bosses were disappointed by her recent failure to choose between her two acts, Katie and Treyc, on the UK version of the show. They are now threatening to consider her for a much smaller role on the US X Factor, similar to Sinitta’s on the UK version.

“It’s dog eat dog in America,” an industry insider said. “We can’t have anyone weak on the panel.”

Cheryl has also been warned that it will be tough to move to America on a semi-permanent basis. Music bosses have revealed she will have a jam-packed schedule and little time for a break while she is promoting her album.

“She will be touring the country for six months and basically living in and out of hotel rooms, which is going to be lonely,” our source said.

“She knows how tough it is to break the US market. She’s petrified but knows this is the right decision.”

However, Cheryl will be able to rely heavily on dancer Derek Hough, 25, who is rumoured to be delighted about her move.

“Derek will be with her as much as possible,” our source added.

“He has been supporting her 100 per cent and has been looking at houses for her while she is in London.

“She has been so miserable in recent months, this seems like a good option. It could be the fresh start she needs.”


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