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Nicola Roberts: “Cheryl and Kimberley are like my sisters&...
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Sarah Harding, Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts has admitted that a Girls Aloud reunion is not in “anybody’s diaries”.

The singer, who has reportedly signed a “mega-bucks” solo deal with Universal, told Company magazine that, while she is still close to her bandmates, none of them have scheduled in reforming to work on new material.

“We haven’t planned it,” she said. “It’s not in anybody’s diary. In the band, we didn’t get time to do much writing but now I’m fulfilling that on my own.”

Asked about spending time with the girls, she continued: “Oh God, yeah, Cheryl [Cole] and Kimberley [Walsh] are like my sisters. But we don’t get to see Sarah [Harding] as much as we’d like because she lives in Buckinghamshire.

“As soon as we’re together, it’s like we’ve never been apart. We’ll have a night in dressed in trackies or PJs, with rubbish hair and no make-up. We stock up on oven chips, chicken nuggets, olives and sweets, and put on EastEnders, which we then just talk over all night!”

She added: “If it’s been more than a couple of weeks since we’ve seen each other, I’ll get a text from one of them saying ‘I miss you’.”

Speaking on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man last night, Cheryl Cole insisted that Nadine Coyle will be part of the group when they reform.


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