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Justin Bieber wants Cheryl to guest star on Glee
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Justin Bieber and Cheryl Cole

Justin Bieber is to lobby bosses of hit show Glee to give Cheryl Cole a role as a sexy teacher in the high school drama.

The Canadian singer, 16, is being lined up for his own guest spot – but says he will only appear if Cheryl also gets a chance.

He said: “I am going to tell the producers that it must be in the agreement that Cheryl gets a part in the show as well.

“Cheryl and the show make total sense. It’s all about people who look good and can sing and dance – that’s totally Cheryl.”

The X Factor judge, 27, is moving to the US in weeks to be part of the panel on the American version of Simon Cowell’s singing talent contest.

Justin is a big fan of the Geordie – and performed on The X Factor in November.

He said: “I have told her every time I have seen her that as soon as she lands in the US for The X Factor I am going to work with her.

“Glee is a great way to introduce her to the States – everybody is watching it.”

The teen added: “She looks beautiful, but I am not sure she could quite get away with playing a student. It would be great if she played a substitute teacher taking a sabbatical from England or something.

“Can you imagine how hot Cheryl would look dressed as a school teacher?”


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