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Cheryl Has Crush On “Beautiful” Megan Fox
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Cheryl Cole & Megan Fox

Cheryl Cole may be one of the world’s sexiest women, but the Girls Aloud singer has admitted that she has a beauty crush on actress, Megan Fox.

The X Factor judge, who is rumoured to be dating dancer Derek Hough, has claimed that she thinks Fox is “beautiful”, despite reports this week that the ex-Transformers star has shrunk down to below a size 0.

Speaking to OK! magazine about whose style she admirers, Cheryl confessed: “Megan Fox, I think she’s beautiful. I really appreciate beautiful women and I appreciate when women take time on themselves.”

The 27-year old continued: “We’re far more beautiful than men and they don’t appreciate women enough. They don’t have to walk in six-inch heels!”

In the same interview, Chezza also confessed that she would never cut off her trademark locks, as she feels her hair acts as a “security blanket.”

When asked what she would never consider doing to her tresses, the Promise This hitmaker explained: “Crop it. As much as that’d be no-maintenance, I’m not that brave.”

“You have to be pretty comfortable with everything else to be able to do that. My hair is like a security blanket.”


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