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Cheryl reworking album for American re-release?
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Cheryl Cole

The singer is apparently working with Will.I.Am to add an R&B flavour to the album before its American release later this year.

We all know that Cheryl Cole really wants to make it in America, but then again who doesn’t.

Reports today suggest the singer is returning to the UK version of the X Factor after failing to nab a seat on the judging panel for the US version, but that isn’t stopping her pressing ahead with her Stateside Launch.

The problem is, does it mean Cheryl will have to change her music on order to be a success over there.

Will.I.Am is reportedly giving the Geordie Princess’ album an overhaul before its launch in the US to spice it up and “put a few remixes in” to make it more appealing to the music fans across the pond. The question is, how far do you go to be a success without losing the reason you sing in the first place? An artist sings songs in the way they like them, so to actively boost the R&B appeal of the album, which in essence is a pop album, isn’t Cheryl just changing who she is to fit in?

The new version of the album, which is planned to be launched with a massive album signing tour, is rumoured to include a new collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas star and is released across America later in the year.


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