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Justin Bieber wants to record with Cheryl
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Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has (again) gushed about his crush Cheryl Cole, adding that he hopes to make music with her.

The Baby star is currently in the UK after kicking off his new tour on Friday and has been praising British girls – in particular, the Promise This singer.

“You guys have some very hot women, that’s for sure,” Bieber told The People. “I have always said how hot Cheryl Cole was. If she had been younger I would have asked her out on a date.

“Some women who are as hot as that walk about knowing they are hot and that’s really unattractive,” adds the Never Say Never singer.

“But I have met Cheryl a few times and as well as being hot she is also somebody who makes you feel comfortable. She is really ­funny too.”

Justin also added that he hopes to get in the studio with Cheryl. “Hopefully when she is in the US I am going to have the chance to get some ­recording time with her and see what we can come up with. It would be cool to work with her.

“I always speak with her when I see her. I can see her being a good friend.”

When will he go away? So annoying!


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