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Ed Westwick wants to invite Cheryl over for tea
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Ed Westwick, Cheryl Cole

Alan Carr gets up close and personal with actor Ed Westwick in this week’s more! magazine.

The Chatty Man host and more! magazine interviewer spoke to Chalet Girl actor, Ed, who revealed it was a relief not to have to speak with an American accent for his latest role. He said: “It was great not having to do the American accent and it was great to work with English people for a change too.”

Despite spending most of his time in New York, Ed says he comes back to the UK to visit friends and family on a regular basis. “I’ve had decent amounts of time back home this year and last,” he said. “I love home and seeing my friends and family. It’s good to escape from America sometimes.”

He added: “In the US I have to watch the football on my own. At 10am. I don’t have a crew to see it with. I still haven’t found a good place that does really tasty fish and chips. And sausage rolls, man! I miss sausage rolls from my local bakery.”

Speaking about his next project, Ed says: “I’ve got a role in a new film with Leonardo DiCaprio that Clint Eastwood’s directing, called J. Edgar. I play a young FBI agent, so I’m very excited.”

Ed also revealed a crush on Cheryl Cole, saying: “She can pop over for a cup of tea when she comes over to the states. What’s going on with her and that Derek dude, though?”


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